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Luxury with the safety and service of gold class excellence.

Client Service

At Gravity Jets, we provide exceptional customer experience which is driven by our belief that we must earn our cardholders’ loyalty each and every time they fly. This philosophy is what inspires us to make each trip an extraordinary experience. Supported by an extensive around the clock customer service operation, we are relentless in our commitment to flawless execution. Whether anticipating needs or responding to requests, our passion is delivering truly personalized service.


Private jet hire enables executives and senior management to fulfil strict schedules and often complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day.

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

You can take the stress out of air travel when flying private jet flights. There is no need to wait in line at the airport for hours for a delayed flight, long airport security lines, or baggage delays. Private air travel takes the frustration, stress, and time wasters out of your travel.

Unlike the crowded seating you find with commercial airlines, charter jet flights are comfortable, luxurious, and private. Instead of cramped, small seats, you’re aircraft seat will be large and comfortable, allowing you to stretch and relax during flight.

Private charter jet amenities and services are always luxurious and first class. Once you try private air travel you’ll never go back to the inefficient, frustrating and uncomfortable commercial air travel experience.

Gravity Jets is known for and specializes in providing private charter jet travel for executives and private individuals who want a faster, more relaxed, comfortable travel experience.

Comfort & Size

Luxury planes are the preferred mode of travel for executives, politicians, celebrities, and high net worth individuals. But what makes luxury planes so attractive? While there are many functional benefits to chartering a jet, the lavish interiors constructed for luxury planes add to travel a level of comfort and style that cannot be found anywhere else.

This vastly increases the comfort of the travelers and makes the entire experience more pleasurable.

Business Jet Inquiry

Gravity Jets provides private aircraft charters to business professionals and entertainers to maximize their time efficiently. Let us help arrange your next travel plans.